Most fequently asked questions:

Are you fully Insured?


Yes, we have full public liability and other appropriate insurance with Cliverton insurance services who provide specialist schemes to cover a range of animal related industries, so you can rest assured there will be no unpleasant surprises.


What would you do in an emergency?


In the unfortunate event of your pet being injured or taken ill we will call you to inform and discuss, if medical attention is needed we will take your pet to the veterinary practice that you have told us you use unless immediate attention is needed; in which case we will take them to the closest veterinary practice. I have completed an animal aiders first aid course so will be able toimmediately deal with majority of emergencies prior to taking your pet to the vet.


My pet has very particular needs, will you be able to accomodate to them while we are away?


Before we look after any pet(s) we insist on first having a free consultation. This is to answer any questions you may have and for us to find out EXACTLY what you and your pet(s) need us to do. We will always go the extra mile to make sure your pet(s) is as comfortable as possible while with us.


I need emergency cover for taking care of my pet, can you help?


Sometimes life throws unexpected events at us and the last thing you need is to be worrying about whether your precious pet will be OK. Call us and we'll see what we can do to help.


My dog is really unfriendly with strangers, can you still walk him?


Probably they will need one-on-one walks and we'll need to assess them but we always try to help if at all possible. Call us to discuss and we'll arrange to visit.


Will you collect my dog?


Yes, we are able to collect and drop of your dog(s) after their lovely walk. When needed we will towel dry them, clean their paws and make sure they have fresh water and are settled before leaving.


How many dogs are walked at once?


We walk no more then four dogs at one time. One on one walks are available if you think your dog requires more attention.


I like my dog to be walked off their lead, is this possible?


Yes as long as we have your consent and are 100% confident in your dogs recall skills.


I leave for work very early how will you be able to collect my dog?


We are able to hold a spare key to your home. We have had a police background check carried out for the peace of mind for our customers and take the responsibility of holding keys extremely seriously. Most of our clients provide us with keys.