Services we provide

The first thing we want to do is to get to know you, your pet and both your needs! So after our initial conversation I would like to visit you and your pet so you will both be comfortable when the animal is left with or visited by me. This will be a free consultation where you can ask any questions you may have and I will find out any special requirements you have for your pet(s).



Whether your dog be old or young, sociable or a bit grumpy they all need exercise, attention and mental stimulation throughout the day. If not this will often lead to behaviour problems such as chewing, barking etc as a result of a dog being bored or having too much energy, but we understand this is not always easy to meet your pets' needs when you are out at work all day. That's where we come in! 


If your dog is sociable (or learning to be!) a group walk would be ideal. There will never be more than four dogs on the walk at one time so that I can give each one the attention and care they need. All dogs are walked on-the-lead unless you specifically wish them to be walked off-the-lead; in which case we will need to go on a short walk together with your dog prior to them joining the group to be certain their recall skills are good enough for this.


For dogs that are not as sociable, need a slow walk or if you would just like them to have one-to-one attention I am pleased to provide one-on-one walks.


I will collect and drop off your dog(s) from your house and the 60 minute walks will take place in various venues to stimulate the dog's interest and enjoyment.


Ideal for cats and smaller pets who enjoy the comforts of their own home. Our home visit gives you the comfort that your home and pet will be looked after without feeling left behind.


Visits will last up to 20minutes and consist of feeding, cleaning up any accidents, litter trays or cages if and when required, letting your pet out for a toilet break and much needed play time.


For puppies, elderly dogs or if you would just prefer us too, we can pop in twice a day to make sure your pet has double the attention and fun.


We'll even water your house plants, put out your bins and give your house the "lived in" look for you when we visit!


As someone who has owned dogs all my life I never felt comfortable leaving my dog in a kennels whether it be for one night, a weekend or longer. I have also always found it hard to find someone to look after the smaller pets I have owned in the past and often had to rely on family. But for those that can't or don't want to rely on friends or family and make sure their pet, of any kind, has constant attention, fun, love and a home from home while they are away I am able to offer your pet exactly what you and they need. All pets will be kept in my home (no kennels used) a warm and friendly enviroment where they will be able to relax and play. Alternativly I am able to stay at your home if you feel your pet(s) would be more comfortable and you would like the peace of mind that your home is also being looked after while you are away.


I can also provide day care for people who maybe gone for the whole day where your dog will also have constant attention. Dogs will come on the two walks a day that I provide and all pets will have lots of fun in between.


I understand that your pet no matter what size or type is a main priority and a member of the family and I would like to become their extended family for the period that they are with me. 


If you are stuck for time or do not have access to transportation to take you pet to the vet or groomers for example. I am more then happy to do this for you. I am able to stay with your pet(s) for their appointment if required to make sure they are calm and comfortable and obviously report back any information the vet may have for you.


Contact us on  07517 468430. We look forward to talking to you.